Chanctonbury Ring Morris Men
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This year, our sponsors,  who help out with the costs of our printed programme, are:

As we head into 2021 and beyond we’d like to let you know our plans for the future, and in particular our Christmas and New Year events.

Sadly there is no change to the position that our bookings for our dancing season in 2020 and 2021 have been cancelled, as we react to the continuing CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19 situation.

We were particularly sorry to have to cancel our much awaited Boxing Day performances, with our own (our very own) Mummer’s Play!   We know how much you all looked forward to seeing Father Christmas, the Jolly Turk, Saint George, the Doctor, our dragon ‘Georgian’ and all their pals.

In some kind of recompense we hope you’ll take the time to look at the performance below, which is on Youtube, from a Boxing Day not so long ago, and not so very far, far away… well 2012 actually.

Our mostly-cancelled 2020 programme can be found on the programme page.

Photos from some evenings around pubs in our 2019 dancing season are below…

CRMM New Year Update

We’ve also had to cancel our Apple Howling in early 2021.  Those of you who enjoy a quick ‘Wassail’ on or around 12th Night will doubtless be as disappointed as we are, but we hope that you will all understand, and will keep yourselves safe and healthy until we are able to get back to something more like normal.

Following our recent AGM our performances for 2021 and a hoped-for return to dancing are being planned, albeit somewhat flexibly!  Please come back here for more information as and when we are able to give it.

As you’ll see from the fuller update below we’re still in the position of cancelling our performances for the foreseeable future - we are currently at Level 4 and likely to remain that way for some time.   

Our next event would have been our Apple Howling (Sussex’s own Wassail ceremony).   All we can do in recompense for this year is put a video here of a vintage ceremony, from 2017, but please do come to next year’s in 2022 if we are all allowed….

Very sad news from the end of last year - one of our earliest members, John Goddard, died on Christmas Day 2020. John was our Squire Sean’s dad.  Please CLICK HERE for our tribute page here on the website.